Academy of Art University shows off their talent for fashion week!

New York fashion week is nothing to joke about, and the people to participate in all of the events that make up the week-long annual celebration are extremely popular and the Academy of Art University is one of those lucky few who get to be directly involved and have been for the last 21 years.


Every year for a little over two decades the Academy of Art University hosts a runway in which their BFA and MBA students get to show off their hard work and commitment to their major. This university has been around since 1929, it is located in San Francisco, California and welcomes all types of creativity. The best part about this school is the requirements for student entry. You don’t have to have a 4.0 GPA or any crazy good looking things on your resume you just have to be passionate about what you do.


The annual runway production almost always end up successful, in which each and every student gets something out of it career-wise because big shows and brands watch this particular runway event every year including, producers and stars of America’s Next Top Model. Why are these shows so popular? For starters, every year the runway spotlights many different types of ideas coming from China all the way to small rural towns in Maine.


The Academy of Art University is best known for their students because of its classroom structure. Every class is a workshop for individuals to share and work on all of their great ideas. They are also required to have a major related internship to bulk up their portfolio before they graduate, and all of this hard work gets them a chance to show off on the runway.


For this year’s runway show, in particular, we saw artists like, Hailun Zhou who has completed an MFA in Fashion Design based most of her work on photographs taken for some of her classes. Another student, Carlos Rodriguez who reached a BFA in Fashion Design used “a mixture of mixture of traditional hand and machine embroidery techniques” in his work. It’s interesting to see how different but equally different the work between two students one who has worked in the field for 8 years and one who has only been learning the field for 4 years. Interestingly enough a lot of these students came directly from China, its great to see the United States providing even international students the opportunity to show off their work on stage during such a big week of events.

Water Supply Contaminated at Squaw Valley Ski Resort is Being Handled Professionally

A problem like E.Coli is extremely dangerous when found in a water supply and that is the reason why Squaw Valley Ski Resort is taking this report very seriously. On November 8, 2016, Squaw Valley detected E.Coli and coliform bacteria in the High Camp and Gold Coast water supply.


The management, including CEO Andy Wirth, immediately closed the restaurants on the high mountain and contacted the Placer County Water Department and several water experts. The Water Department tested the water, and the result was a small amount of E.Coli and coliform bacteria in the upper mountain water supply; the rest of the resort had not been affected.


Squaw Valley is attending to this issue with strict attention to any problems that could result. Since the restaurants were closed as soon as the bacteria was detected, there has been no reports of any illnesses, which Squaw Valley is extremely thankful for. Wirth is providing bottled water for all the guests, and skiing is still permitted on the upper mountain from the top down.


Squaw Valley Official Report


Liesl Kenney, the Squaw Valley Public Relations Director, gave a complete statement on November 30, 2016, concerning the water quality. After research was completed, the experts attributed the problem to the heavy rainfall that Lake Tahoe had in early fall. The flooded conditions led to an inundation of the water supply that had been recently upgraded that summer at High Camp and Gold Coast.


The contamination was contained, and the Resort is working to bring the water levels to normal. There was no contaminated water available to the guests because Squaw Valley acted quickly and responsibly to make sure the guests were safe. The main concern is the welfare of the guests.


The Placer County Environmental Health Department and the Squaw Valley Public Service District will continue to monitor the water levels. When the water is safe, Squaw Valley will make a public announcement. Squaw Valley would like to sincerely thank their guests for their patience and tolerance along with all of the agencies involved.