Mike Baur’s Focus on Supporting Swiss Startups

Mike Baur is a determined businessperson and investor who has been working in the Swiss private banking industry for the past two decades. He started his profession by serving as an intern at the UBS, and he rose gradually to be a board member of Switzerland’s renowned private banks. Baur quit employment in 2014 and decided to establish his venture, which is known as the Swiss Startup Factory. He joined efforts with two ambitious entrepreneurs to ensure the success of the business. The Swiss Startup Factory is a recognized privately funded and self-governed enterprise that is focused on enhancing the growth of ICT startups in Switzerland. Mike has invested a lot of resources and time to facilitate upcoming Swiss companies by funding and inspiring them. He serves as a director of his enterprise. Baur holds an MBA and an Executive MBA from the University of Rochester New York and the University of Berne respectively.


The emerging IT businesses that his company has been supporting are committed to developing highly innovative technology that can transform the Swiss banking sector. Mike’s company provides them with finance and motivation that enable them to develop from being simple startups to becoming top corporations. The Swiss Startup Factory has been obtaining its capital from leading business leaders and private investor who wish to invest in high potential IT startups. Mike works tirelessly to reach as many investors as possible to facilitate the new enterprises.


The company currently has several investors and its latest partner is Michael Hartwig. The businessman joined the firm in 2016, and he offers his financial aid to businesses that are promising. Swiss Startup Factory has many other business leaders who would like to fund new Fintech enterprises that are based in Switzerland. It has also established an efficient acceleration program that invests in existing ICT companies that do not have sufficient resources to expand.


The main offices of the Swiss Startup Factory are located in Zurich. Mike is devoted to helping the startups that his company funds to understand how they can maneuver in the corporate world. He knows much about Switzerland’s banking industry since he has served it for over 20 years. Mike Baur knows the potential of different business designs and follows strategies that can facilitate the success of an enterprise. He believes that Switzerland’s banking institutions can better the services that they offer to their clients by adopting top-notch technologies.


Water Supply Contaminated at Squaw Valley Ski Resort is Being Handled Professionally

A problem like E.Coli is extremely dangerous when found in a water supply and that is the reason why Squaw Valley Ski Resort is taking this report very seriously. On November 8, 2016, Squaw Valley detected E.Coli and coliform bacteria in the High Camp and Gold Coast water supply.


The management, including CEO Andy Wirth, immediately closed the restaurants on the high mountain and contacted the Placer County Water Department and several water experts. The Water Department tested the water, and the result was a small amount of E.Coli and coliform bacteria in the upper mountain water supply; the rest of the resort had not been affected.


Squaw Valley is attending to this issue with strict attention to any problems that could result. Since the restaurants were closed as soon as the bacteria was detected, there has been no reports of any illnesses, which Squaw Valley is extremely thankful for. Wirth is providing bottled water for all the guests, and skiing is still permitted on the upper mountain from the top down.


Squaw Valley Official Report


Liesl Kenney, the Squaw Valley Public Relations Director, gave a complete statement on November 30, 2016, concerning the water quality. After research was completed, the experts attributed the problem to the heavy rainfall that Lake Tahoe had in early fall. The flooded conditions led to an inundation of the water supply that had been recently upgraded that summer at High Camp and Gold Coast.


The contamination was contained, and the Resort is working to bring the water levels to normal. There was no contaminated water available to the guests because Squaw Valley acted quickly and responsibly to make sure the guests were safe. The main concern is the welfare of the guests.


The Placer County Environmental Health Department and the Squaw Valley Public Service District will continue to monitor the water levels. When the water is safe, Squaw Valley will make a public announcement. Squaw Valley would like to sincerely thank their guests for their patience and tolerance along with all of the agencies involved.



JeanMarie Guenot: Restoring The Flow Of Life

JeanMarie Guenot, PhD., is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. The company started its operations in July 2013 and is dedicated to the development of innovative therapies specifically for hematologic malignancies. The San Francisco based company is a preclinical stage based Research Company and its Research and Development team is in the process of development of a first-in-class bi-functional antibody therapy to address the blood cancer indications with high unmet medical needs. Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. has a motto that aptly summarizes the mission of the company which reads “Restoring the flow of life.”

JeanMarie has tremendous expertise in many fields including venture capital, project and alliance management, corporate and commercial development, business development, and pharmaceutical research and development. Her experience spans through all stages of company development in both private and public companies. JeanMarie got her PhD. from University of California, San Francisco in 1993after which she joined Hoffman- La Roche as the Team Leader/ Principal Scientist of Preclinical Research and Development department, a position whose roles involved the discovery and development of drugs for inflammation, metabolic diseases, oncology and autoimmune diseases. She stayed in this position until 1999 and in 2000 she joined Atlas Venture, a venture capital and private equity firm where she held the position of Associate in Life Sciences.

JeanMarie left Atlas Venture in 2003 and joined PDL Biopharma, a biotechnology firm, as Vice President of Corporate and Business Development. At PDL she was in charge of licensing, mergers and acquisitions and alliance management for the Research and Development department. She remained in this position until 2008 when she became Managing Partner at Guenot LLC. In 2009, JeanMarie was working at SKS Ocular, LLC. At SKS Ocular, she was a Founder, Partner, and First Employee, where she focused on ophthalmology as the key Operating Officer up until 2012.

As CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics, JeanMarie has overseen the milestones surpassed by the Research and Development Department with the latest news concerning Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The company has focused on using tetravalent bispecific CD33/CD3 TandAbs for in vivo and in vitro killing of Acute Myeloid Laukemia.

JeanMarie Guenot’s achievements have received the recognition they deserve and in 2005 she received the BioBusiness Network’s Innovative Bio-Partnering Award and in 2006 the Licensing Executives Society awarded her the Deal of Distinction. Under Guenot’s capable leadership, Amphivena Therapeutics is making headway in providing cutting edge development research aimed at blood cancer, a disease that takes a toll on those afflicted and this effort is commendable and deserves more recognition.

Jeanmarie Guenot’s company Amphivena Therapeutics was also named one of the top 10 Bay Area biotech startups in BioSpace’s article:


Litigation Details with Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck, Litigation Attorney out of Philadelphia
Karl Heideck walks his clients through the process of litigation

Litigation is the process of enforcing a certain right through the court of law. The main aim here is to try and resolve a conflict of interest between two parties. Litigation is the process where someone decides to file a lawsuit against another person. But before the issue reaches a court, there are steps that are involved, and the ultimate target is to resolve the matter. The process of litigation may vary from one country to another. The person bringing the case is called the plaintiff while the person being sued is called the defendant. For a lawsuit to be filed, it requires the defendant to perform certain actions, and failure leads to the two appearing in court.

The process begins with the refusal, and the plaintiff can serve the defendant with the summons and then proceeds by filing the complaint in court detailing the alleged injuries as well as linking them to the defendant. The plaintiff may then request damages in terms money or through an equitable relief. Whenever the summons does not end up with the settlement, the plaintiff is required to start the discovery process. This is a process where the defendant is served with interrogatories seeking to find some answers regarding the case. In some cases, the defendant may even be disposed and recorded by a court official. Upon the commencement of the case, the defendant is given the right to learn more about the case from the plaintiff through the same process.

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Swarthmore College Alumni Karl Heideck
Swarthmore College Alumni Karl Heideck

Once the discovery process is over, the two parties are required to attend a settlement conference and decide whether they can reach an agreement before proceeding to court. Once the proceeding has begun, it’s the judge and the jury to hear the evidence produced and rule on the matter. The judge can rule on either side depending on the evidence produced.

A good attorney ligation attorney from the United States of America is Karl Heideck and is based in Philadelphia. Other than litigation, he is known to specialize in compliance as well as risk management review. He attended the Temple University Beasley School of Law and graduated with a degree in Law. Heideck is also a graduate of Swarthmore College where he graduated with a degree in English language and literature.

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Karl Heideck also has experience in other areas such a corporate law, employment law, intellectual property law and mediation. To become a litigator, you require a degree in law from a recognized university. However, this differs from one country to another.




VTA Publications’ Jim Hunt Is An Intelligent Trader

Jim Hunt is a financial advisor at VTA Publications. He also serves as the chief executive officer of the firm. Jim has made a name for himself in the financial markets. He is highly experienced in making safe and intelligent trades.

Additionally, Hunt is renowned for the content that he posts on his YouTube account. He uses the account to share information on his latest investments approaches, including Wealth Wave and Make Mum a Millionaire. His distinctive ability to predict on vtapublications.co, and offer information to the average investor has made his videos popular.

He started VTA Publications to enable ordinary investors to invest in different securities. The company helps them to comprehend the investment environment. On a typical day, Hunt focuses on enhancing the marketing ideas on prnewswire.com for his venture besides formulating new ways of trading for the persons who subscribe to his YouTube account. He actualizes the ideas by focusing on what his clients want. Hunt asserts that discipline has played an integral role in enhancing his productivity as an entrepreneur.

Previously, Jim Hunt worked in a bank. By virtue of his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, Hunt advises people to study human psychology and pay attention to people’s complaints at https://ideamensch.com/jim-hunt/. This way, they will be able to identify opportunities and challenges facing a given population. To this end, they will seek to find solutions and in the process, become entrepreneurs as they provide the populace with workable solutions. Hunt asserts that innovative services are achieved through researching and executing different strategies.

Information is essential for any entrepreneur. To understand how money works, Jim Hunt recommends entrepreneurs to read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

The company caters for professional genres. Its informational products both digital and physical have been helpful to thousands of customers around the world. VTA Publication’s mission is to source for experts in different specialties around the globe. Once found, they can use their trade craft and knowledge to provide customer with tailor made solutions. Additionally, VTA acts as booking agent for different events and seminars.