USHealth Advisors Gives Back

There are so many people in the world whose true desire is to give back and make a difference. Oftentimes, it can be hard to find a career that lines up with this personal mission and such is the story of Randy Hildebrandt. Randy tried many different jobs before his determination landing him the career of his dreams with USHealth Advisors.

Like many young men growing up in Texas, Randy wanted to play professional baseball like his favorite players. He received his chance to play the sport he loved in high school before an injury to one of his shoulders derailed his dreams. It was clear to him that he had to find another path and he enrolled at A&M University. Read more on about USHealth Advisors West Texas

Randy came to the realization that finding a career in business just wasn’t what he was looking for. He also dreaded the idea finding a salary position at the local back in his town and posted his resume online in the hopes that something good would find him. His wish was unexpectedly granted by a recruiter looking to employ candidates to sell insurance. Randy didn’t have experience in this field but thought he’d give it a shot. This was the best decision he could’ve made as it put him right in alignment with USHealth AdvisorsAdvisors branch.

As a Satellite Division Leader, Randy became a top performer and leader thanks to his determination and drive. He joined ranks with USHealth Advisors mission of HOPE to bring about positive change across the country. Helping Other People Everyday provides tangible assistance to those who truly need it. Simple acts of kindness have the power to change so many lives.

Randy along with his wife and children, have found fulfillment in their lives thanks to USHealth Advisors. As a loving father, Randy gets so much joy out of joining with HOPEKids. He and his team donate items such as brand new shoes and clothes to children programs wherever they can. Be the change the world needs by finding out how you can help a community near you. Visit: