Rocketship Education Aims for the Stars

When it comes to our children we want the very best for them in every situation. This couldn’t be any truer than when it comes to their education and which school they receive it from. Unfortunately, many of our public schools suffer from lack of funding which leads to an underpaid and overworked teaching staff, overcrowded classrooms, and underperforming students. This can be most devastating for children at elementary school age who will take those underachieving habits picked up at a young age and carry that burden into high school and throughout their lives.

Picking up good habits and a zeal for learning gives young students a tremendous advantage which is why Rocketship Education has as its main goal eliminating the achievement gap in our lifetime. It is an unfortunate reality that kids growing up in low-income neighborhoods are far more likely to attend poorer quality schools that many of them won’t graduate from. This is where Rocketship steps in. They are a non-profit public elementary charter school system with six locations around the country which gives elementary-aged students the chance at better opportunities for success. This goal, which was established alongside the school in 2006 by co-founder and CEO Preston Smith, hopes to permanently close the economically based achievement gap in the United States.

Rocketship is unique in that they operate on a tripartite model utilizing personalization, staff, and parents to help students achieve their maximum potential. Each student has some portion of their education personalized to their own interests and learning abilities offering a unique opportunity they would otherwise not have in a traditional public school setting. The staff members at Rocketship are highly trained and specialized in either STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) or the humanities and will work together to provide an integrated and all-encompassing curriculum. Parents are taught the importance of advocating for their child in an educational system that will oftentimes neglect or disavow students who come from economically impoverished homes. This is all done according to a core set of principles including responsibility, persistence, empathy, and respect. Rocketship believes in the potential waiting to be unlocked in every child and strives to give that opportunity where others cannot.