Malini Saba Wanting To Help The World

There are many philanthropic people in this world who each have their own unique story. One of the most extraordinary of these stories is the one belonging to Malini Saba. She came to America with a couple hundred dollars and her husband at the time and was able to turn that into her own business and charity foundation. All of this came from her hard work and determination as a person who wanted to succeed in life.


After her success in the business world, she founded her own charity called Stree: Global Investments In Women. The charity looks to help impoverished women and children across the world so that they can reach their full potential. She wishes to help these groups because they will be the ones to shape the future of their countries and this world. Therefore, she feels everyone deserves a fair chance to help the world in their own way, which Stree gives these people the chance to achieve. During her start-up of the foundation she faced many difficulties with all the different restrictions that each country has in their laws. Saba believes this has been one of the hardest challenges of her career due to the changing issues that they face in every new location. However, she feels this is all worth it, because this foundation along with her job, allow her to do what she loves every day.


To Malini Saba the thing that has been her biggest success is not her job or foundation, however, but her daughter. Her daughter helped to bring everything she has done in her life all back around, because it showed her why she started her foundation and has the values she has today. Taking care of her own child demonstrated to her why she hopes to give others the best chance that she can offer. These other people she helps are someone else’s child who’s parents would want the best for them just as Malini Saba wants the best for her daughter.


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