Malini Saba and Her Investment Genius

The investor that can never admit that they made mistakes is not a very good investor. I would not trust someone that has stated that they have always made great investment decisions because I just do not think that they would be telling the truth. This brings me to founder of the investment company Saban and her investing genius. Malini Saba is a great woman that has made some great choices in her investment life, but she admits that it has not always been an easy road.

She has stated that her ability to take the bulls by the horns has made her a success, but it also comes with challenges. The fact that she is a risk taker has been a helpful thing, but there have been times where this has been a hindrance as well. I see the lesson in this because she has stated that she has made some bad investments before. She knows that there were times when she had to battle in court about issues that she didn’t even realize where problems until the smoke cleared. Her ability to bounce back from things like bad business investments has made her even stronger.

Another thing that she has done is invest in the things that most people would not believe in. There are companies that she has invested in that the average American would not know anything about. This is part of her risk taking nature, and she knows that some of this could backfire. She has made enough sound investments over time to cover all the possible mistakes that can occur with her risky investments.

Aside from this, Malini Saba makes great investments in people. She is investing time with her daughter with walks to school. She is investing time in her staff by knowing what they are doing and understanding why they are doing it. Saba is even investing in other women that are at-risk with her non-profit organization.

I think that Malini Saba embodies all that a person could aspire to do. She makes large sums of money, loves her family, helps others and loves the challenges of Saban and the Stree Foundation.

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