Male Plastic Surgery trends by Dr. Rod Rohrich

If you look at past 15 years’ worth of data, you are likely to see a steep increase in the number of male individuals who are opting for plastic surgery. As per a study, about 13% of the total plastic surgeries are operated on men. Dr. Rod Rohrich says that even though this number is comparatively smaller than plastic surgeries in women, it is still a growing trend. He says that in this current age of social and visual media, it has become increasingly important for men to look good to not only find a perfect date but also to land in their dream jobs. According to Dr. Rohrich, Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and liposuction are the most common types of plastic surgeries that men undergo. To know more about him click here.

And if you are wondering what blepharoplasty is, it is all about treating the eyelid area to give a more youthful experience to your eyes and avoid the issues related to sagging skin. In some instances, a brow lift is recommended along with blepharoplasty to get the best results and make sure that the facial features are in perfect proportion. And if you are looking to get started with an initial consultation, do not hesitate before setting up your appointment with Dr. Rohrich as you could rest assured that you are in safe hands. He brings a lot of quality to the table because of which he has appeared as an expert in the field on many popular national television shows like Good Morning America and The View among others.