Kevin Seawright’s New Business, RPS Solutions Already Making News In Baltimore

While Baltimore has a lot of work to do to address a tough housing market, one entrepreneur is already laying the ground work to help needy communities. The entrepreneur is Kevin Seawright, a longtime accountant and city services manager who just started RPS Solutions, a real estate renovation and development company.

According to Crunchbase, when asked about this company on a local Baltimore radio show, Kevin Seawright said he had started this company because he felt housing should be more affordable for new homebuyers and he wanted to give them a chance to purchase decent quality homes for lower prices in safe neighborhoods. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

According to PR News Wire, Kevin Seawright’s company has already made a difference for several people, including one young man who works for the housing department. This young man had had difficulty finding a decent home and still lived with his mother despite having a decent salary.

He was delighted to hear about Seawright’s renovated home project and is now in the market to purchase a good home. RPS Solutions hopes this is just the start to transforming Baltimore’s communities into diverse centers of business and living.

Kevin Seawright has been named as one of the US’s top developers and visionaries in urban planning. He got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from Almeda University and also just finished an executive leadership program at Notre Dame University’s Mendoza Business School.

Kevin Seawright started out as a city accountant for various departments in Washington D.C. and Baltimore. His primary job as an accountant was tracking and managing incoming payments, accounts receivable and payroll for officials.

He also decided to maximize mayoral administrative capabilities for Baltimore by using CitiStat, a software program that could track the progress of various city departments and allow the city council to allocate the budget appropriately and focus on ways to improve areas of need.

Seawright also worked with several construction and real estate investors while serving as Executive Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation. This organization worked with Newark city planning groups to redevelop neighborhoods in order to make them hospitable for business and attract new residents to the city.

Some of Seawright’s non-profit work include working with the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and serving on the boards of the Babe Ruth Museum.