How Hussain Sajwani Rose to Become a Billionaire Entrepreneur in Dubai

Do you ever dream of being a billionaire? I have a challenge for you then. Meet Hussain Sajwani, an entrepreneur from Dubai and the founder of the DAMAC group. Hussain was born in Dubai in 1956 and attended the University of Washington for his undergraduate degree in Economics. His father was an investor in the real estate business, and Hussain helped in the firm during his early age while in his studies. After his graduation, Hussain joined GASCO as the manager and later into the ABU Dhabi National Oil Company. In 1982, Hussain Sajwani decided to venture into food and catering services where he was fortunate to work with the American Soldiers during the Iraq war across the World. He also worked with Bechtel Company an International Company from America. Hussain’s services expanded acquiring hotels and mid-markets to accommodate the growing population of Traders in Dubai. While in his business, the government of Dubai ruled on the policy allowing foreign investors to own property in the Country. Hussain got an opportunity to venture into the real estate business, starting the DAMAC group.


The DAMAC group begun in 2012 as a property company dealing with construction and development of commercial, and leisure houses. The Company deals with all aspects of real estate business starting with the acquisition of land, engineers, construction, advertisements, marketing targeting both domestic and international customers, sales, and after-sale services. With authority from the government, the entrepreneur got an excellent chance of joining Hussain Sajwani family in the business. His company developed from the mid-markets which the Damac Owner acquired in his food service. Although Hussain Sajwani decided to change his business for a new venture, the catering services are still offered as a reminder of his first job and his achievement in working with an international company.DAMAC operates in middle east and Dubai with their headquarter offices in Dubai.


The DAMAC Group has also collaborated with Donald Trump in his business. Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump are two business partners and friends with Hussain helping in the development of Trump’s International Golf located in Dubai. Their relationship has shown to be more of a business level with Hussain’s family attending the Trump’s New Year celebrations. During the celebrations, Donald referred to the Hussain’s family as the most beautiful people showing they have a close relationship. According to an interview, Hussain revealed that although Donald cannot be involved in business anymore due to his political position, their business relationship will continue as Donald’s children will take the responsibilities of the firm.