It is Essential to Protect Your Personal Cyber Security

The advancement in technology and people’s increased knowledge of computers have increased cyber threats. This has now brought the concern on how one can ensure personal cyber security. Some damages are brought about by cyber-attacks which have threatened individuals, companies, and the government. Most cyber-attacks aim at releasing an open source malware which affects digital software and computers which need ransom in exchange for their normal functioning. Strained measures ought to be put in place to ensure that there is adequate cyber security.


Three areas of the importance of cyber security have been highlighted by Investing News Network (INN). The severe consequences of cyber-attacks, the large amounts of money spent in ensuring personal cyber security, and the increased cases of cyber-attacks are among the many reasons why personal cyber security should be ensured and upheld.


The annual number of cyber-attack cases are gradually on the increase. In a period of two years between 2013 and 2015, over 400 billion dollars, was spent as a result of cyber-crimes. It is predicted that by 2021, the cost of cyber-crimes will have risen to six trillion dollars on a yearly basis ( The severity of cyber-crimes is also rapidly increasing. A report released by PwC reveals that the destruction from these attacks progressively has a broad target.

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Rubica is a private company that deals with digital security. They regard themselves as the best in the provision of personal cyber security. They aim at reducing the ambiguity of privacy and personal cyber security through guarding it on your behalf. Their cyber security team safeguards all information from any trials of cyber-crimes to ensure that their clients are protected and satisfied with their services.


One only needs to have downloaded the Rubica app on any digital device that they possess after which the organization does the rest of the work. Rubica has experience of more than ten years in providing physical and cyber security to the most prominent persons in the world. Their security experts operate from the US where they continuously monitor data from any of your secured devices and also identify any possible cyber threats.

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