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Karl Heideck, Litigation Attorney out of Philadelphia
Karl Heideck walks his clients through the process of litigation

Litigation is the process of enforcing a certain right through the court of law. The main aim here is to try and resolve a conflict of interest between two parties. Litigation is the process where someone decides to file a lawsuit against another person. But before the issue reaches a court, there are steps that are involved, and the ultimate target is to resolve the matter. The process of litigation may vary from one country to another. The person bringing the case is called the plaintiff while the person being sued is called the defendant. For a lawsuit to be filed, it requires the defendant to perform certain actions, and failure leads to the two appearing in court.

The process begins with the refusal, and the plaintiff can serve the defendant with the summons and then proceeds by filing the complaint in court detailing the alleged injuries as well as linking them to the defendant. The plaintiff may then request damages in terms money or through an equitable relief. Whenever the summons does not end up with the settlement, the plaintiff is required to start the discovery process. This is a process where the defendant is served with interrogatories seeking to find some answers regarding the case. In some cases, the defendant may even be disposed and recorded by a court official. Upon the commencement of the case, the defendant is given the right to learn more about the case from the plaintiff through the same process.

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Swarthmore College Alumni Karl Heideck
Swarthmore College Alumni Karl Heideck

Once the discovery process is over, the two parties are required to attend a settlement conference and decide whether they can reach an agreement before proceeding to court. Once the proceeding has begun, it’s the judge and the jury to hear the evidence produced and rule on the matter. The judge can rule on either side depending on the evidence produced.

A good attorney ligation attorney from the United States of America is Karl Heideck and is based in Philadelphia. Other than litigation, he is known to specialize in compliance as well as risk management review. He attended the Temple University Beasley School of Law and graduated with a degree in Law. Heideck is also a graduate of Swarthmore College where he graduated with a degree in English language and literature.

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Karl Heideck also has experience in other areas such a corporate law, employment law, intellectual property law and mediation. To become a litigator, you require a degree in law from a recognized university. However, this differs from one country to another.