Successful Twenty-Three Year Old Billy McFarland Addresses a Special Niche Market By Way of His Black Magnises Card

Billy McFarland has launched a prestigious black pay card into the New York market by way of his stylish Black Magnises card. The enterprising twenty-three year old McFarland, has addressed an empty market. He has successfully paired a card with a pay option, providing discounts to venues and entertainment, wherein the Millennial professional, generally chooses to visit.

The Black Magnises card is shown at hard-to-access club locations, and the trendy Millennial Magnises member is able to gain easy entry. The prestigious black card, too, is used at popular eateries and pubs, visited, most often, by the Millennial.

In other words, the Millennial not only uses the card to pay for purchases, with the Magnises card, since it is conveniently tied to his or her bank or credit card, he or she receives a discount at local eateries, partnered with the Magnises Company.

According to Crunchbase, Billy Mc Farland, recognized a need in the marketplace for a credit card to address more than just a way to pay. He remedied the situation by introducing his black Magnises card. The card is stylish, just like a high-end credit card. It provides the professional Millennial with the feature, though, of discounting, relative to New York’s best eating and drinking establishments.

The company’s home-base, too, is a penthouse. The Penthouse is available to members, as a place to go, to enjoy such events as special cocktail hours and late night musical sets, hosted by DJs.

The networking component provides the user with much in the way of networking opportunities.