Waiākea Makes Sure To Put The Environment First

Waiakea water is water that comes directly from Hawaii. It is taken from the southwest of Hilo on the big Island of Hawaii. This is an area that is isolated from the rest of the world, and because of that, it is able to produce extremely pure water. Waiākea means broad water in Hawaiian. This area in Hilo is very special, because the source of the water there gets 360 days of rain every year.

Gust beleives that many people may wonder what is volcanic water, because Waiākea water is considered to be volcanic water. Volcanic water is water that has gone through a very unique volcanic filtration process. The water goes through thousands of feet of volcanic rock, and through this process the water is enriched with electrolytes and minerals. The filtration process also makes the water become alkaline.

The electrolytes that are found in the water are potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride. Electrolytes are important, because they help support the balance of fluid in the body. Alkaline water is good for the body, because it has the pH level that corresponds to the pH level in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and those are vitamins that are essential for a healthy body.

According to a Crunchbase article, Waiakea spring water does not come in glass bottles, because they are able to use a very high-quality BPA free packaging. In that way, they are able to avoid the cleansing agents that are used for glass bottles; they are also able to ensure the taste and the product safety of their water.

The shelf life for Waiākea water is two years, but according to the FDA standards, the shelf life could extended to five years. The best date to drink the water can be found on the back of each bottle, even though the FDA does not require an expiration date on water.

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