Twenty Three Layers Can Plan Your Event

Planning an event can be a daunting and exhausting project if you’re not sure what type of event you want to hold. A lot of event planning depends on the type of event you hold. Focus first on the reasons why you want to hold this event. A good checklist of who you want to invite, where you want to hold the event and the overall theme of the event can help you decide whether or not you need to hire an event planner.


Benefits of hiring event planners

Once you have decided on whom you want to invite, where you want to hold the event and the overall theme of the event, you should have a pretty good idea about what services you need an event planner to perform for you. Event planners can:

Vetting your event planner

  • Help you select the perfect venue and confirm availability
  • Help you select a menu and serving style
  • Create the perfect invitations and plan out publicity
  • Help you handle entertainment and production planning
  • Provide you with photography services


Researching reputable event planners is a wise step when deciding to outsource event planning services. It is important that you are comfortable with your event planner and that they perform to your satisfaction. You should have your own checklist and set of questions to ask.


Your event planner should:


  • Be willing to meet with you face to face
  • Provide you with a total budget
  • Have references for events.


Event planning companies in NYC provide a wide variety of services such as fabrication and lighting. For the perfect atmosphere for your event, you will need an event planner that is willing to listen to you. Twenty Three Layers event planners in NYC understand your need for a perfect event.


Twenty Three Layers provide the services you need to create the vision that is in your mind about your event. They specialize in Weddings, but also provide excellent private and corporate events in NY.