Eli Gershkovitch; The Canadian Lawyer Behind Award Winning Craft Beer

Besides their love for maple syrup, healthcare, and the Beaver, Canadians also cherish their beer. Craft beer is the leading alcoholic beverage in Canada with over $ 9 billion in sales yearly.


Various craft beers are putting the Great White North on the map. Firstly, the Propeller IPA manufactured by the Propeller Brewing Company has won gold thrice in the World Beer Championship competition. This is because if it’s smooth, strong caramel flavor as well as its tone-down bitterness (http://www.ottawacitizen.com/business/Steamworks+founder+Gershkovitch+echoed+firm+theme+Stanley+Steamer+from+vintage+automobile+collection/9952459/story.html).


Secondly, the Pump House Blueberry Ale is loved by many because it still maintains its beer taste regardless of having that blueberry muffin smell. In most cases, fruit beer often tastes like juice. The other great craft beer is St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout which is dark and sweet but not too heavy. Its most considered a great winter beer but can be enjoyed during other seasons as well.


From the recently concluded U.S Open Beer Championship held in July 2017, it is clear that the event is no longer an American affair. The competition encompassed judges from several parts of the globe including Canada, Great Britain, and the U.S.


Most of the awards were won by American breweries; nevertheless, many surprise wins were witnessed too. Among these astonishing success includes Canadian breweries who won overall 24 awards of which 10 were gold medals. Canada won top categories from Vegetable Beer, American-Style Fruit Beer, and Berliner-Style Weisse. Other than the US, Canada is the only country to win many such awards at the competition.


Among the craft beers that won include One-Eyed Grouse, foreign stout, brown ale, German Kolsch. Steamworks brand was also recognized by the judges for several of its top-selling craft beers.

About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is a Canadian entrepreneur and brewmaster aiming at revolutionizing the craft beer market in Canada. Eli is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Group of Companies. Steamworks emerged as a top competitor during the recently concluded Open Beer Championship thereby helping to put the Canadian craft beer on the map.


Eli Gershkovitch is the main driving force behind the success of Steamworks. This is because under his leadership, the brewery has evolved into a 40,000 hectolitre money minting enterprise.


Eli is a law degree holder from the University of Toronto, and many thought he would pursue a career as a lawyer but instead decided to venture into the craft beer industry, Mr. Gershkovitch passion for beer dates back to 1987 after he first tasted Belgian beer and his desire to create something great was ignited. Mr. Gershkovitch’s skills as a lawyer assisted him in finding the best location for his business as well as obtaining his liquor permit.

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