Robert Ivy Rewarded For His Successful Architecture Career

The organization, Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has recognized several gifted Mississippians for more than 35 years. The privately-funded foundation expressly honors those who have crafted significant achievements in literature, art, and music — which were the particular reason its members created the Institution. Among our latest recipients of the lifetime achievement award, we have Mississippi natives, Robert Ivy and Andy Young.

Remarkably, some people relocate to Mississippi and come into their area of interest such as the blues music. Others leave the state to follow up on a specific accolade maybe to earn better revenue. However, Robert Ivy is a Columbus native who remained in the deep south state. He has been successful as an excellent commentator in the business of architecture.

Furthermore, Mr. Ivy was awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement honor for his prominent work as an author. Not only that, Ivy has been observed for supplying architecture to the community. The MIAL Institute has recognized Robert Ivy’s body of work, mainly CEO of the American Institute of Architects. As well, he is AIA’s executive vice president, and by receiving the Polk Award, Ivy was the first architect to achieve the honor.

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Thus, the former Architectural Record editor in chief has been engaging in buildings since becoming AIA’s CEO in 2011. Genuinely, the award is a unique and professional fulfillment for Robert Ivy as a Mississippian. Also, Ivy has expanded the AIA organization as being a worldwide location and influence over the years. And, the business now has its most massive membership size around a 150-year history.

Ivy has taken his position on the list with other Noel Polk Award participants. The AIA organization will formally acknowledge him during a June celebration. What’s more, Robert Ivy’s third edition book, “Faye Jones: Architect,” perfectly highlights his biography on production, scholarship, and design. Subsequently, the organization’s architects are carrying out such work throughout the world in places like Canada and China.

Robert Ivy holds an English bachelor of arts at South University in Sewanee, Tennessee, and he got a Master degree in Architecture. Before becoming an architect, Ivy was a US Navy officer. However, the Lifetime Achievement Award is significant in respect to his career.