Amicus Therapeutics: Making the World A Better Place for People Suffering From Orphan Disorders

Our world is made up of beautiful creatures, sceneries, and people. Sadly, it is equally made up of diseases and conditions which prevent us from enjoying the gift of nature some of which are known as rare or orphan disorders. They come about with weird symptoms and effects which scientists have never seen before. Unfortunately, fifty percent of such conditions affect children and come about due to genetic compositions. To add salt to the injury, there is lack of enough facilities to treat and research the disorders which makes it difficult for the patients to get treatment. That is one reason why an American biopharmaceutical company which goes by the name Amicus Therapeutics was started. The facility whose location is New Jersey, Cranbury to be precise was a privately owned company by several capital firms until 2007 when it went public under the FOLD trading symbol

The company’s primary area of specialization is on orphan diseases especially the lysosomal storage ones (WeeklyOpinion). Amicus Therapeutics has been around for more than a decade now something that has enabled it to find treatment for myriads of genetic disorders. The company incorporates the use of the latest technology to arrive at a more efficient cure. Since it was established, Amicus Therapeutics continues to experience tremendous growth and currently boasts billion in assets. Its primary source of growth is mainly due to chaperone-advanced replacement therapy. In 2008, Amicus Therapeutics constructed another site in San Diego which was primarily involved in research. Nonetheless, the company has no manufacturing capabilities, and that is the primary reason why In 2010, the company was still upcoming and had not managed to market any of its products. Its journey to success began when it got into a three-year partnership with two other pharmaceuticals, JCR and GlaxoSmithKline respectively. Since then, Amicus Therapeutics it has never looked back and continues to soar to greater heights each year. Today, it boasts treatments for various rare diseases such as Migalastat which helps in the treatment of Fabry disease and SD-101 a product which is still in the oven, but when finished it has the potential of treating a rare genetic condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa.

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