Plastic Surgery Continues To Change Lives Thanks To Doctors Like Dr. Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is a well known plastic surgeon working out of California in the United States. His work is known all over the world due to his unique methods which produce some of the most natural results in plastic surgery today. Mark’s current area of focus is buttock augmentation, as there is a growing demand for it in the United States. While plastic surgery is growing faster in other countries, especially Brazil when it comes to the buttocks, more people are becoming open to the idea of plastic surgery. For many years the image of plastic surgery was damaged and many people have been hesitant before getting any surgery done.

This is not without good reason says Dr. Mark Mofid, remembering the state of the industry when he first entered it. Many of the methods that the surgeons were using were outdated and didn’t take the individuals needs into mind. Another problem was the quality of the implants being used. Generic materials generally don’t mix well with the body and will break down or the body will reject them. Over a period of years, reconstructive surgery is needed for problematic implants like these. Due to Dr. Mark Mofid’s high standards and limitations, the American Board of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery has given him the highest certifications available in the industry.

Mark has an impressive background working in the medical field, receiving an education at Harvard University followed by John Hopkins Medical School. Once Mark finished his studies and earned his degree to practice surgery, he opened up his own practice in San Diego and has been working diligently to improve the methods in which the industry operates. Mark has personally developed better implants as well, which are some of the best on the market today. Dr. Mark Mofid works regularly at hospitals like Scripps Memorial, Sharp Chula Vista, and Palomar Medical in between performing plastic surgery. Mark can also be caught at various plastic surgery events and conventions giving lectures on the latest ideas and methods being developed.

Know Big Legal and Business Corporations like Working with Jeremy Goldstein

One thing you may have realized is that many companies and employees find it hard to agree on the kind of incentives and wages they should have. Some companies even try all they can to ensure their employees don’t know anything about the incentives they are entitled to apart from their usual wage. This has left many innocent employees denied what is rightfully theirs. This has caused some employees to look for compensation attorneys to fight for their rights in court. However, it becomes more sensitive because you have to ensure you work with a competent attorney on compensation matters. If you don’t have any good attorney in mind, it is a good thing to seek help from your family and friends.


To your amazement, they may mention a name like Jeremy Goldstein as the attorney you should go for. If this happens, you could be very lucky since Jeremy is known for his reputable legal services. He is today busy working on a legal solution that the employees and companies would benefit from. His academic background is quite impressive and this is why you find him productive in whatever he does. He has worked in some companies with high profiles and this has earned him immense expertise and experience. He is an expert in compensation law who believes a possible solution is on the way.


Jeremy has several reports he has published to shed more light on compensation matters to people. He hopes that different companies and employees will find his findings effective in creating the harmony and integration the employees and companies should have. One thing worth noting is that Jeremy has practiced law for over 20 years now. Compensation law is his main specialty and he has the best suggestions on it. He says that the current employee-company predicament will find its best solution soon.


As the managing partner, Jeremy has helped Jeremy Goldstein and Associates to achieve a good name in the country. His huge track record and vast experience in compensation law have made the company successful. He knows how to handle corporate law issues however sensitive and complex they may be. He is the best attorney to see when it comes to corporate governance and executive issues. Some large companies can affirm his legal expertise when dealing with complex negotiations and litigation. Jeremy is a law graduate from New York University. He has his hands on the great business publication Harvard University has today. Besides having great experience in the law practice, Jeremy has the right temperament when dealing with law matters. His business experience complements his law skills very well. Many corporations across the country prefer to leave their legal and business matters to Jeremy L. Goldstein because he is an expert who has mastered his craft. Learn more: