Reverse Showroom Technique Advances Fabletics Mystique

No complex brand is made of perfect blocks of the same shape, size and consistency. Every top clothing brand must handle a variety of factors, in order to be successful. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has continued to grow, by using the “Reverse Showroom Technique to advance its Mystique.”


“Stop Brand Erosion”


Every day, the masses receive a little more freedom in determining which merchandise, they can purchase. They are no longer restricted by geography. They have the ability to search the entire earth, using the World Wide Web. But, how can brands compete in such a free market?


Brand differentiation is one of the key reasons why patrons will pay more for a brand. Now, there are many generics, which attempt to erode brand value. There are even cheap copies made overseas.


“Optimize Each Working Part”


The successful brand understands its own strengths and weaknesses. It is probably not going to offer more affordable garments than, so why try? A small brand cannot compete with a large department store with 10 floors, can it? No. Thus, the successful eTailer must find its own special niche.


Online clothing retailers share a common problem – “some shoppers want to peruse their shops for sizing, then purchase online.” This makes it inefficient for a retailer to run a brick-and-mortar store. How has Fabletics conquered this conundrum?


“Full Membership Experience”


As a luxury brand, Fabletics has concentrated on signing up its customers first. They are given such nice benefits, that they can develop a deeper relationship with the eTailer brand. The Reverse Showroom Technique creates this superior Fabletics membership value.


Once signed up, the customers are told where the physical showrooms are located. There are great events, which continue to expand the social connections of all the Fabletics club members. The people feel united.


Naturally, members have a different focus than casual Web surfers. Members are thinking about advancing the brand for their own benefits. Members feel like they are owners of the Fabletics brand – when Fabletics wins, they win.


“When Fabletics Wins, I Win”


Unlike other brands, most visitors to the Fabletics showrooms are already members. This creates a “tight-knit” group. They all are fully aware of what the brand has been doing lately. Thus, their conversations are more deep and well-developed.


Just think about all of the connections that Kate Hudson has. “How many members wonder if they will meet a famous celebrity at a Fabletics store?” This creates a powerful Hollywood Buzz.


“Fabletics Knows Member Preferences”


Women are very persnickety about what they are looking for. If they visit a brand new storeroom, they don’t want to explain all their preferences again, do they? With Kate Hudson Fabletics, they have all of your information already.


The top customer relationship management (CRM) software allows each Fabletics branch to download each female’s preferences. Just bring up her name and her preferences pop up. Problem solved! Kate Hudsons’s “Reverse Showroom Technique advances Fabletics Mystique,” by providing her customers with a “personal touch.”

Twenty Three Layers Can Plan Your Event

Planning an event can be a daunting and exhausting project if you’re not sure what type of event you want to hold. A lot of event planning depends on the type of event you hold. Focus first on the reasons why you want to hold this event. A good checklist of who you want to invite, where you want to hold the event and the overall theme of the event can help you decide whether or not you need to hire an event planner.


Benefits of hiring event planners

Once you have decided on whom you want to invite, where you want to hold the event and the overall theme of the event, you should have a pretty good idea about what services you need an event planner to perform for you. Event planners can:

Vetting your event planner

  • Help you select the perfect venue and confirm availability
  • Help you select a menu and serving style
  • Create the perfect invitations and plan out publicity
  • Help you handle entertainment and production planning
  • Provide you with photography services


Researching reputable event planners is a wise step when deciding to outsource event planning services. It is important that you are comfortable with your event planner and that they perform to your satisfaction. You should have your own checklist and set of questions to ask.


Your event planner should:


  • Be willing to meet with you face to face
  • Provide you with a total budget
  • Have references for events.


Event planning companies in NYC provide a wide variety of services such as fabrication and lighting. For the perfect atmosphere for your event, you will need an event planner that is willing to listen to you. Twenty Three Layers event planners in NYC understand your need for a perfect event.


Twenty Three Layers provide the services you need to create the vision that is in your mind about your event. They specialize in Weddings, but also provide excellent private and corporate events in NY.





Hack Your Makeup: Hack Your Makeup Routine In Half!

With all the great makeup looks and techniques that we see everyday (can we say Kardashian?), we all want to improve our skills. If we don’t have that natural skill, we look to the internet for assistance. At last, there’s a blogger that speaks to the common man; I mean woman. The blogger is Wengie and all I did was go to her Youtube offering on the subject:


So many great, time-saving hacks can be found here that I actually had to write some of them down, lest I forget. For lashes that usually become lost or ruined, there’s a hack for keeping (and finding) false eyelashes for re-use. This particular hack will only set you back about two dollars. For applying mascara and “winged” liquid eyeliner where it belongs (instead of all over the eye area), there are two hacks that I’ve incorporated into my life.


For the braver beauty who is trying to emulate the stars’ makeup techniques, Wengie provides a contouring hack using a kitchen fork — seriously. There’s a hack for highlighting lips, defining the perfect eyebrows and using regular invisible tape to avoid an eyeliner “oops.” I learned how to store my expensive makeup brushes, as well as a hack to use up old broken remnants of my (too) numerous eyeshadows.


The hacks that really blew me away were designed to make my teeth whiter. I tried them and they really worked. One hack uses bananas to exfoliate my teeth. The other one allows me to whiten my teeth and eat strawberries. You’ll have to watch to understand that one!

Successful Twenty-Three Year Old Billy McFarland Addresses a Special Niche Market By Way of His Black Magnises Card

Billy McFarland has launched a prestigious black pay card into the New York market by way of his stylish Black Magnises card. The enterprising twenty-three year old McFarland, has addressed an empty market. He has successfully paired a card with a pay option, providing discounts to venues and entertainment, wherein the Millennial professional, generally chooses to visit.

The Black Magnises card is shown at hard-to-access club locations, and the trendy Millennial Magnises member is able to gain easy entry. The prestigious black card, too, is used at popular eateries and pubs, visited, most often, by the Millennial.

In other words, the Millennial not only uses the card to pay for purchases, with the Magnises card, since it is conveniently tied to his or her bank or credit card, he or she receives a discount at local eateries, partnered with the Magnises Company.

According to Crunchbase, Billy Mc Farland, recognized a need in the marketplace for a credit card to address more than just a way to pay. He remedied the situation by introducing his black Magnises card. The card is stylish, just like a high-end credit card. It provides the professional Millennial with the feature, though, of discounting, relative to New York’s best eating and drinking establishments.

The company’s home-base, too, is a penthouse. The Penthouse is available to members, as a place to go, to enjoy such events as special cocktail hours and late night musical sets, hosted by DJs.

The networking component provides the user with much in the way of networking opportunities.

Oncotarget: Highest Ranked Online Medical Oncology Research Journal

Oncotarget was established in 2010 and is a multi-disciplinary, traditional, free-access medical journal that publishes weekly papers online. Editors-in-Chief Mikhail Bagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudklov work with the most prominent scientists to aid in the research towards the progress of science and medicine. Their end goal is a disease-free life for everyone.

The journal has been so successful that the editorial staff decided to expand beyond the sole study of Oncology. The journal now accepts papers on all areas of Pharmacology on In addition, papers on research of Aging, Immunology, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Cardiology, and Metabolism are accepted.

Current and archived journals can be located on the Oncotarget home page which is found at Rules for publishing a paper,as well as contact information for the journal, can be found on the home page, as well. Oncotarget follows the COPE Code of Conduct as well as COPE General Guidelines. Authors are also required to follow the Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers, as well as relevant general guidelines from Elsevier and it’s journals. All editors, authors, and reviewers are required to follow the best-practice guidelines on ethical behavior ICMJE’s Recommendation’s for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals on Facebook.

Gregg Semenza, professor of pediatrics, radiation oncology, biological chemistry, medicine, and oncology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine , has published 7 papers of the 370 oxygen related papers on Oncotarget.

The papers published on Oncotarget are available to the general public and, each issue or paper can be printed upon request on Oncotarget’s primary focus is cancer research and oncology. However, because tumor development is extremely complex, the journal also publishes papers on endocrinology, pathology, age-related diseases and illnesses, physiology, and immunology.

In order to submit a paper, an account must be created and the user must be logged into the site. After a manuscript is submitted, editors assign reviewers to the paper. After extensive review at , the editor drafts a decision to the author. Pertinent information, such as first and last names, postal addresses, and email addresses, must be gathered prior to each submission. Authors must follow guidelines and code of ethic for papers to be accepted.

Ignition Financial Can Help You To Cut Out Those Extremely High Car Payments

A young person may finance their first car and think that they’ve gotten the deal of a lifetime until they really go through the paperwork or after they’ve had payments that begin to overwhelm them. There are many young people who are taken advantage of by dealerships because they feel that they are inexperienced and are willing to buy a car for any amount, even if the car isn’t worth the payments that are being made on it. Even someone who is young and inexperienced can still have decent credit, which means that refinancing the car at some point in time is a possibility.


Ignition Financial would like to help anyone who’s interested in refinancing the vehicle that they have, especially since refinancing the vehicle may mean saving up to $100 or more per month on payments. Many have gone years without considering the possibility of refinancing their car, which means their car loan amount has decreased significantly, but they may not realize that they could be saving more money on a monthly basis. Even if you have a car loan that only has one year of payments left, refinancing it could still be very beneficial to you.


It’s possible that car payments that are costing you $300 or even $400 a month can possibly be cut in half, especially if you’ve been making on-time payments for years with the same current financier. Ignition Financial is a company that has vast amounts of knowledge about the loan process, especially about refinancing a car.


Not only are you possibly going to save more money when you work with Ignition Financial, you’ll also be on your way to building even better credit with another financier. Ignition Financial wants to see their customers with a loan that they are not struggling with on a monthly basis, so the refinancing process may be the best choice for some people with high payments. A lot of times, a customer thinks, “I want to slash my payments,” but they never think to refinance their loan, which is where Ignition Financial comes in.The quick and easy process can start with the online application.