Check Out These Unbelievable Passes That Magnises Offers

The Magnises card is always adding new features to make the card much more valuable to its users, and there are several features that are important to mention as well as to explain to potential Magnises card users of the future. The Magnises card is advertised to those who are young, but anyone is welcome to purchase the Magnises card membership, especially if they want entrance into a lot of great places around New York City. The Magnises card is also available for use in Washington DC and San Francisco, and more cities will hopefully be added in the future.

ClubPass: The club pass is an excellent addition to any Magnises card because it allows anyone who uses the pass to determine a club that they want to go to and to gain entrance to that club on Twitter. This pass was created because there are many who have had problems with getting into clubs, especially in New York City because of the amount of people that want to get into that particular club. With the ClubPass put onto the Magnises card, the user will gain entrance to the club any and every time they use their Magnises card.

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HotelPass: This great club pass is something that any traveler will be able to utilize, especially if they like discounted hotel rooms. With luxurious hotel rooms starting as high as $250 and going up from there, those with the HotelPass can ensure that they’ll be sleeping in a very comfortable and luxurious room for a lot less than the person in the room next to them.

SportsPass: Having any kind of pass in sports is a good thing, but this SportsPass allows its user some great seats at a sports event. No one likes sitting in the nosebleed section because it’s up to high and doesn’t give a good view of the action that’s going on, on the floor. With the SportsPass on, the user that has a Magnises card will be able to get closer to the great action that’s going on within the sports arena or venue, and they’ll be getting seats that may not have been up for grabs for anyone else but a Magnises card holder.

WorkPass: Having a work pass is an excellent choice because those who need co-working spaces will only pay $500 each month for their desk at Alley in New York City. The co-working space would go for a lot more money without the WorkPass, and the space is very beneficial for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level. Stay in a comfortable setting while being able to accommodate any business needs that have to be conducted in that particular working space, which makes the Magnises card so very valuable to young professionals.

Malini Saba Wanting To Help The World

There are many philanthropic people in this world who each have their own unique story. One of the most extraordinary of these stories is the one belonging to Malini Saba. She came to America with a couple hundred dollars and her husband at the time and was able to turn that into her own business and charity foundation. All of this came from her hard work and determination as a person who wanted to succeed in life.


After her success in the business world, she founded her own charity called Stree: Global Investments In Women. The charity looks to help impoverished women and children across the world so that they can reach their full potential. She wishes to help these groups because they will be the ones to shape the future of their countries and this world. Therefore, she feels everyone deserves a fair chance to help the world in their own way, which Stree gives these people the chance to achieve. During her start-up of the foundation she faced many difficulties with all the different restrictions that each country has in their laws. Saba believes this has been one of the hardest challenges of her career due to the changing issues that they face in every new location. However, she feels this is all worth it, because this foundation along with her job, allow her to do what she loves every day.


To Malini Saba the thing that has been her biggest success is not her job or foundation, however, but her daughter. Her daughter helped to bring everything she has done in her life all back around, because it showed her why she started her foundation and has the values she has today. Taking care of her own child demonstrated to her why she hopes to give others the best chance that she can offer. These other people she helps are someone else’s child who’s parents would want the best for them just as Malini Saba wants the best for her daughter.


Waiākea Makes Sure To Put The Environment First

Waiakea water is water that comes directly from Hawaii. It is taken from the southwest of Hilo on the big Island of Hawaii. This is an area that is isolated from the rest of the world, and because of that, it is able to produce extremely pure water. Waiākea means broad water in Hawaiian. This area in Hilo is very special, because the source of the water there gets 360 days of rain every year.

Gust beleives that many people may wonder what is volcanic water, because Waiākea water is considered to be volcanic water. Volcanic water is water that has gone through a very unique volcanic filtration process. The water goes through thousands of feet of volcanic rock, and through this process the water is enriched with electrolytes and minerals. The filtration process also makes the water become alkaline.

The electrolytes that are found in the water are potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride. Electrolytes are important, because they help support the balance of fluid in the body. Alkaline water is good for the body, because it has the pH level that corresponds to the pH level in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and those are vitamins that are essential for a healthy body.

According to a Crunchbase article, Waiakea spring water does not come in glass bottles, because they are able to use a very high-quality BPA free packaging. In that way, they are able to avoid the cleansing agents that are used for glass bottles; they are also able to ensure the taste and the product safety of their water.

The shelf life for Waiākea water is two years, but according to the FDA standards, the shelf life could extended to five years. The best date to drink the water can be found on the back of each bottle, even though the FDA does not require an expiration date on water.

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Billy McFarland is making dreams come true

Billy McFarland is a leading and very successful tech entrepreneur who grew up in Short Hills, New Jersey, was born in New York City and continues to be ambitious in all aspects of his life. McFarland founded and became the CEO of Magnises in 2014 and it has become the fastest growing company globally. Through Magnises, Billy is currently serving members in the New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC areas.

His Accelerate Foundation is helping professional athletes in every sport to get into the workforce by pairing them up with seasoned mentors. With the help of this foundation, they are able to become successful off of the field, gain financial security, and to get connected to jobs.

The company started with only 200 people and a sheet of metal, but with his careful guidance has grown to include over thirty thousand members and continues to reach the tech, fashion, entertainment, and fitness industries.

Billy McFarland is known as a “tech wiz” by Business Insider, a “mastermind” by Bloomberg, and a “natural entrepreneur” by CNBC.

His passion and talent for bringing people and communities together through the use of technology began when he was just twelve years old. He used to hide computers in order to teach himself coding and at the age of fourteen he had founded his first company. Before graduating high school he founded and acquired several companies as well.

McFarland studied engineering at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and in his freshman year he founded the ad-tech company, Spling, which is a site that helps its users to improve the appearance of URLs by converting text links into organized graphic, mosiac images on bulliten boards in the virtual world. His customers include but are not limited to Hearst, Universal, and Discovery.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland launched Magnesis in 2013 with a motivation to connect people and ideas. Learning Entrepreneurship Through Active Participation, or LEAP, is helping inquisitive middle and high school students to pursue their careers in technology and business.

McFarland wants to nurture the same passion he has in young students so they can earn the same success he has had without having to hide their keyboards or learn a lot of their lessons the hard way.

Billy McFarland has put his cretive mind to work and has built an empire of knowledge and skills that allow future entrepreneurs to tap into in order to create something amazing as well.