Securus Arms Experienced Law Enforcement With New Weapon

You see it in the movies all the time. Police officers, especially ones who have served for a long time, get “hunches”. These hunches often lead to the discovery of new evidence which breaks open an investigation. Of course, these hunches come from years of experience investigating crimes and understanding criminals behavior. As it turns out, law enforcement hunches exist in real life.


But in real life, police officers need to collect evidence in order to convict a suspect. So a hunch may yield little to no evidence without the ability to find said evidence. That’s where a new innovation from Securus Technologies comes in.



Law enforcement officers that deal with inmates may sense that there is trouble coming. All of their instincts kick in to tell them that some big crime is being planned or a prison riot is being coordinated. But none of this matters without real evidence. Well, Securus believes the evidence is hiding in millions of hours of recorded phone calls.


The telecommunications giant provides telephone services to prisons across the country. Each phone call made by an inmate is recorded and new software called Investigator Pro 4.0 with searchable voice makes these recordings searchable.


Law enforcement can narrow down these phone calls, listen to them and gain actionable information. This is the software that gives evidence to law enforcement officers who have hunches. And since search results are near instant, it happens in a very swift fashion. The speed at which the software works can actually save lives and prevent crime. As long as the software is in the capable hands of experience law enforcement.