Nathaniel Ru: Selling Health and Flavor

Health is very important for life. However, many people seem to try to get their health from medication and even supplements. While medication is helpful for healing, it is important to take a preventative approach to health when it comes to potential issues such as dietary concerns. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

The only thing is that many people may not like the taste of healthier foods compared to the more processed alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty of tasty alternatives that are being brought forth by business owners like Nathaniel Ru who has brought forth his fast food restaurant called Sweetgreen.

Sweetgreen has been created with the its focus on health. Even though there are other restaurants that may offer some healthier options. Sweetgreen is the one shop that is authentically healthy. For one thing, there is a lot of knowledge on how healthy these items really are.

Nathaniel Ru and his partners make sure that there are tons of health benefits such as nutrients that can help the body regulate itself. For one thing, people can gain knowledge on topics such as alkaline diets and acidic diets. The owners and workers of Sweetgreen do the best they can to make sure all of the options they offer are the healthiest options for the customers.

One of the aspects of food they focus on is the flavor. They understand how it can be frustrating for people to eat healthier foods if the flavor is not right. One issue that people have to deal with is that they are used to how the processed food tastes. Fortunately, Nathaniel and the other owners make sure that the food that is offered to customers have not been tampered with in order to seem healthier.

The business model of Sweetgreen is one of the most promising business models. For one thing, they are taking a little bit from the fast food industry and making it so that getting healthier foods is convenient for people and therefore easier. The fast paced lifestyle that is coupled with all of the stress can make it rather challenging for people to make healthier choices.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Helping People Defend Their First Amendment Rights in the United States

Many different nations across the globe are witnessing an increase in the human rights abuses and violations. The problem is that such reports are not only coming from countries that are war torn or facing a humanitarian crisis, but also from the first world and progressive countries. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

It is a cause of primary concern and the government, authorities, and resourceful people need to ensure that such issues are taken care of in an objective manner for the better future of coming generations. The rights of the people need to be defended, and the government has to play an active role in doing so.

Even the politicians that people elect are responsible for ensuring that people are protected as well as support, and their concerns are addressed responsively and attentively.

It is well-known across the globe that the Middle East is the ground zero of terrorism and related activities. People are being killed and slaughtered in millions, and millions of people have fled what they used to call their home.

These displaced people are in need of basic supplies such as food, clean water, shelter, and a place to call their home again. Many countries have come forward to help and rescue these people, but still, the crisis has not yet been defused and the efforts made are not enough. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

People across the globe need to come together to help these people to start their lives again. Similarly, countries such as the United States, which is the biggest economy in the world and amongst the most progressive nations, should take steps that become a benchmark in fighting against human rights abuses and violations.

There has been increased number of reports of human and civil rights violations in the United States. It has made people insecure about their safety from the authorities who are there to support and defend these people.

The trust of the people on police and the government officials has been decreasing, and it is causing a lot of trouble for the citizens. The racial disparity in the communities has almost become visible clearly, and people are fighting for these and other reasons, including freedom of speech and expression, are vindicated.

One such example is of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who are the co-founders of the modern media companies, namely Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested without notice and on unsubstantial grounds from their home in the wee hours of nights by the Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

Jim and Michael didn’t bow down to the pressure being put on them and fought to defend their First Amendment Right as a journalist, and were finally announced victorious by the court of law after a long, grueling legal battle.

They even received an amount of $3.75 million, which they contributed to making the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. It is a fund that would support the fight against human rights violations, defending civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of expression, and more.

A Donation From The Heart – Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has in the works a new planetarium that will include a device called a Foucault Pendulum. This new “science project” will demonstrate how the earth moves. It will be the only one in Orange County of it’s kind. The budget for this Pendulum is about $20 million.

The school has not had any updates for many years and thought it was about time to get their technology up to par. The goal was to peak the interests of science students and to let them see where their hard work can lead them.

One of the school’s retired faculty, Mary McChesney, has a huge heart and a huge bank account. She donated $1 million dollars to the project. Her donation was in honor of her partner, Adelyn Bonin, who died in January 2017. Adelyn, also a retired professor at the college taught German. Mary says she is looking to make the future of the college a little brighter. She wants the students and the faculty to be proud of the school and to feel like they are a part of something bigger.

The school has also received an additional $1.6 million in donations. Most of the budget will come from a 2012 Bond measure.

In addition to adding to the quality and overall aesthetics of the school, it will also serve to provide field trips for kindergarten through 12th-grade students. Orange Coast College will be able to visit the school and look upon this marvel once it is complete.

The project is scheduled to be completed by fall semester 2018, thanks to the generosity of Mary McChesney and other people and companies who have donated money. Also, big thanks to Mary’s partner, Adelyn, who was the inspiration behind her generosity.

Adelyn must have been a wonderful person and I think I can safely say she has left a huge impression on the students she taught as well as Mary.

Mary has unselfishly given of her time and money so that others can benefit and their creativity and their imagination will live on through this project. It will be extraordinary and magnificent with completed.

Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Avi Weisfogel’s Fight Against Sleep Apnea

Some of the greatest medical innovations of all time have taken place in the 21st century. However, many of the biggest medical mysteries known to man remain to be uncovered. Although sleep apnea is one of the most common afflictions in both adults and children, its cure still remains a mystery. Sleep apnea is a disorder which keeps sufferers awake at night. It is characterized by pauses in breathing when one is sleeping that can last for seconds or even minutes. It resumes by choking and, of course, waking. Although they might get back to sleep, this pause in breathing, then choking and waking happens to sufferers of sleep apnea several times a night.
As an unfortunate result of this kind of night, people with sleep apnea often have unproductive days characterized by frequent mood swings. But sleep apnea can be more than just inconvenient, annoying, and emotionally draining; it can encourage health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, diabetes, heart attack, and heart failure. Although this can and often does happen to anyone, overweight people are especially at risk with fat often obstructing air passages.

Although the cure for this still remains somewhat a mystery, this may soon not be the case. Large strides in the knowledge of this medical condition or constantly being made with new technology designed to fight it being created. Leading the charge is Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

Although dentistry is Weisfogel’s primary profession, he is a recognized authority on sleep apnea. He has been very active in both dentistry and sleep apnea for more than 40 years, so he definitely knows his stuff. However, he is very open about the fact that medical technology has not yet reached the point where an effective treatment of sleep apnea can be found.

Dick and Betsy DeVos: The Epitome of Philanthropy

Dick and Betsy are well known for their political donations. Such contributions have earned the attention of both admirers and critics. As investigations into their enormous contributions to support Republican candidates continue, the power couple has offered to clarify their generous charity contributions, which are said to have hit figures as high as $11.6 million. Seemingly, charity contribution is well engrained in the family since the DeVos family is well known for its charitable contributions.


Dick and Betsy value education in their philanthropy


In 2015 The education sector accounted for 26 percent of their charitable contributions. Dick posits that their spending is a reflection of their value for education. The couple’s spokesman asserts that public reports about the family’s charitable contributions represent an effort by the DeVos family to maintain transparency in their philanthropy. He holds that Betsy nomination for the office of Education Secretary was unlikely to stop the report’s publication. Devos contends that their bulk donations are meant to benefit the needy and not aimed at advancing his political agenda.


However, critics see charter schools and vouchers championed by Dick and Betsy as a strategy meant to siphon tax money from public schools. There have been allegations that the couple’s philanthropy is intended to facilitate their ideology in education by supporting charter schools and vouchers that are operated by for profit organizations. Despite these allegations, the couple maintains that the schools they choose to offer financial aid are characterized by accountability, rigor, adult support and supervision. They attribute their commitment to helping educate people to the Grand Rapids Christian Schools and Potter’s House, a Christian school to which they are longtime benefactors



Dick DeVos work and personal history


Dick DeVos was born in Michigan. He is a son of Helen June and Richard Marvin Devos. Dick graduated from the Forest Hills public system. His entrepreneurial skills are a combination of experience gathered running his family business and education from the Northwood University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He also attended the famous Havard School of business and the Wharton School’s Executive Education programs. His doctorate honors were granted by the Grove City College and the Northwood University.


Dick Devos, a son of the founder of Amway Richard Devos, prides himself on the fact that he has served as a CEO of his father’s consumer products distribution company, the Amway. His leadership at the company lasted from 1993 to 2002. Dick Devos political aspiration led him to run for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan, an attempt that would see him lose to the then Democratic opponent, Jennifer Granholm. He is the husband of the current US education secretary, Betsy Devos.


Whitney Wolfe Helps You Meet A Friend

Online dating apps are the solution to the modern woman who hardly has time to go to places where she could meet friends. Moreover, the independent woman is so busy nowadays that she hardly has time to go to the bar or club. Even if she goes there occasionally, she claims that she can hardly meet the desired man. Dating Apps have become her best friend as here she meets people of like minds and she gets to make her own choice.

Whitney Wolfe now desires to make more out of the apps than just dates. She desires to help the woman meet best friends of the female gender too. The app helps one weed out all the mean girls in their circles and gets genuine connections outside the work place. Whitney Wolfe realized that the office divas are equally not good. After founding Bumble App, Whitney Wolfe realized that people were using the dating app to make friends as well. She also realized that she was too busy to make friends. Whitney Wolfe then decided to begin Bumble BFF, which helps people meet friends.

Bumble BFF is a module that exists within the Bumble App. One downloads Bumble and signs in with Facebook. One then browses for matches and is allowed to describe themselves briefly. They are then able to meet friends that they like.

Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe is the founder of the famous Bumble and Bumble BFF Apps. She is an American born and raised entrepreneur and also a co-founder of Tinder Dating App. In 2014, Whitney Wolfe was named among the 30 most important women under 30 by the business insider. Two years later, she was named among Elie’s women in Tech. Moreover, this year, he name made it to the top 30 under 30 in Forbes list.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Quest For The Emancipation of The Oppressed

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is a real representation of just how far the free people of America will go to defend their rights from external forces as well as from local oppressors, pro-government or otherwise. The fund was founded and funded by two veteran journalists who have lived out their entire careers locking heads with high-handed senior government officials.

The two, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, are avid fighters, stubborn and determined to defend their rights and those of other individuals in the United States facing oppression and discrimination.

The two got into serious trouble one time when they offended and set the infamous Sheriff Arpaio. The former sheriff had been rumored to be the most punitive and oppressive county officer to the Hispanic Community. The two journalists set out to investigate and collected enough evidence to affirm that Mr. Arpiao had indeed been misusing his elective post to illegally infringe on the rights of members of the Hispanic community under his jurisdiction by;

  • Confining them in jails illegally
  • Mistreating his prisoners
  • Racially profiling the members of the community

Corrupted with power and oblivious of his obligation to abide by the law and respect the freedom of media enshrined and protected by the American Constitution of the United States, the misguided official betrayed his office and the county administration by wrongfully arresting the two journalists. Mike and Jim was furious that his flagrant abuse of power had been exposed by the two and that he had been exposed to public scrutiny for his transgressions. Read more: Jim Larkin |LinkedIn and Michael Larcey | Twitter

The two moved to the sheriff’s action to arrest them and detain them for dispensing their obligations to the American people to report on such transgressions. They sued the county government for wrongful arrest and kept losing the case through the 16 appeals they made up to the 19 circuit supreme court.

They finally won the case after fighting stubbornly to defend their rights and to make a statement to the people of America that rights are expensive and have to be fought for through sweat and blood. The court directed Maricopa County to pay 3.7 million dollars to the two as compensation for the grievances inflicted on them.

The two civil rights activists, true to the cause, chose to put the compensation settlement to good use. They founded and funded the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The primary purpose of the fund was and has continued to be to help the members of the Hispanic community to defend their rights through civil litigation.

The fund also assists other immigrant minorities facing severe discrimination within the boundaries of the United States to sue for their rights in court.

Since the pursuit of an equal America is a concerted effort among all civic groups and organizations, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund does partner with other groups like the America is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Together, they have been collecting shocking statistics on the transgressions of government officials against minority groups and publish them, prosecuting them against public opinion.

To make the fight even more abrasive to be felt and to strengthen the American constitution, these unions also prosecute draconian laws which are tailored towards denying immigrant’s access to justice. Some of the main concerns they address include laws that provide for indefinite and mandatory detention of immigrants or deportation without hearing.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

How Hussain Sajwani Rose to Become a Billionaire Entrepreneur in Dubai

Do you ever dream of being a billionaire? I have a challenge for you then. Meet Hussain Sajwani, an entrepreneur from Dubai and the founder of the DAMAC group. Hussain was born in Dubai in 1956 and attended the University of Washington for his undergraduate degree in Economics. His father was an investor in the real estate business, and Hussain helped in the firm during his early age while in his studies. After his graduation, Hussain joined GASCO as the manager and later into the ABU Dhabi National Oil Company. In 1982, Hussain Sajwani decided to venture into food and catering services where he was fortunate to work with the American Soldiers during the Iraq war across the World. He also worked with Bechtel Company an International Company from America. Hussain’s services expanded acquiring hotels and mid-markets to accommodate the growing population of Traders in Dubai. While in his business, the government of Dubai ruled on the policy allowing foreign investors to own property in the Country. Hussain got an opportunity to venture into the real estate business, starting the DAMAC group.


The DAMAC group begun in 2012 as a property company dealing with construction and development of commercial, and leisure houses. The Company deals with all aspects of real estate business starting with the acquisition of land, engineers, construction, advertisements, marketing targeting both domestic and international customers, sales, and after-sale services. With authority from the government, the entrepreneur got an excellent chance of joining Hussain Sajwani family in the business. His company developed from the mid-markets which the Damac Owner acquired in his food service. Although Hussain Sajwani decided to change his business for a new venture, the catering services are still offered as a reminder of his first job and his achievement in working with an international company.DAMAC operates in middle east and Dubai with their headquarter offices in Dubai.


The DAMAC Group has also collaborated with Donald Trump in his business. Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump are two business partners and friends with Hussain helping in the development of Trump’s International Golf located in Dubai. Their relationship has shown to be more of a business level with Hussain’s family attending the Trump’s New Year celebrations. During the celebrations, Donald referred to the Hussain’s family as the most beautiful people showing they have a close relationship. According to an interview, Hussain revealed that although Donald cannot be involved in business anymore due to his political position, their business relationship will continue as Donald’s children will take the responsibilities of the firm.



Cotemar & The Oil Revolution In Mexico

With over 10,000 employees in this oil and energy company, Cotemar is a large company who is proud to say that they are 100% Mexican-born and bread with nearly forty years of experience. Being that Mexico is not globally known as a powerhouse country when it comes to oil and energy, Cotemar is seen as one of the pioneers in leading this new revolution in Mexico.

For that reason, Cotemar and other companies that it has influenced are gaining universal praise from officials across the world. The following shows an example of this global approval of Cotemar in an article by the site Expansión, which highlights the accomplishments and the influence Cotemar has had on other companies on starting this revolution in Mexico.


With companies like Cotemar leading to others such as Petrobal, Sierra Oil, Diarqco, and Nuvoil, These companies are now paving the way in the renewed energy industry in Mexico.

The new scene of the energy business in Mexico resembles an unpleasant landscape for the organizations that won the first Round 1 tenders, and that as of now confront the primary difficulties to attempt to make their venture beneficial.

The new issue of Expansión magazine addresses the scene of these organizations, which are in charge of opening a crevice in a situation in which the main administrator, accomplice, client or provider was Pemex, with the test of doing as such amidst the talk of critics. Learn more about Cotemar: and

In the event that they accomplish their objective, Mexico will turn around the injury that prompted the depletion of Cantarell – which decreased oil generation by one million barrels per day. The test for Pemex will be to figure out how to contend, join forces with organizations that it saw as providers or clients, diminish wasteful aspects, tidy up their records and upgrade.

New organizations are as of now well holders. Some of them should resolve the land clashes that they acquire from the past administrator (Pemex), acclimated to unraveling the social requests to floggings, just like the case that Cotemar endures in Veracruz. Others anticipate administrative resolutions. There are additional organizations that face issues of framework robbery or that need to manage the risk of sorted out wrongdoing. Notwithstanding this, what no one inquiries are that the vitality division carries on an upheaval. We think this is exceptionally positive for Mexico’s development prospects.

The fourth period of this initial round, the deepwater delicate, to be hung on December 5, will be the trial of fire.The Energy Secretariat gauges that if unions with Pemex are considered in the deepwater Trion field, the last stage may pull in about $ 45 billion of a venture. In comparison, the 30 contracts of the barterings made to date will, together, leave 7,000 mdd.

It is important that investigation and creation contracts in these fields meet the triple objective of expanding hydrocarbon generation, ensuring the national premiums of assessment gathering of eminences and sovereignties – a fundamental goal of the change is to restrict the utilization of Pemex as a little box – and offer alluring motivations to organizations that vote with their speculations for the ideal conditions.

The last is a key point that rivals of the change consider minor, however, it is not in a worldwide situation in which the nation with the biggest hydrocarbon holds is known as the United States. Mexican oil is a valuable resource for national premiums, yet it must be so for organizations looking to amplify shareholder esteem and should choose whether to put resources into the Gulf of Mexico, Nigeria or Canada. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

The test of controllers (hydrocarbons, vitality, condition) to the quickened pace of rehashing the part will now change by guaranteeing a system of lawful sureness that still has pending.

While sitting tight for the fourth round of Round 1 to at long last draw in the real universal oil organizations, this is the ideal opportunity for littler, less marginless however more hazard tolerant organizations.

The quiet insurgency is as of now under way. Development drenches itself in this wild west of the oil segment in Mexico, and in the stories of the pioneers who will look to vanquish it.





Madison Street Capital: Funding the Local Community

The recent disasters that covered more than a dozen states devastated the Midwest, the Gulf Coast, and the East Coast. United Ways of the Midwest partnered with South Disaster Fund to provide emergency help, which included food and shelter. They also gave support to recovery options for education, health, and financial stability as a long-term solution to the victims.


South Disaster Fund and its partner, United Ways of the Midwest, were administered by the Greater Ways of New Orleans Area. All donations made online were directed to the states participating in the funds. These states included Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia.


Madison Street Capital believes in the creation of strong businesses for communities in the USA. It achieves that objective through dedicating itself to the needs of its clients and charitable support to United Way. The firm works with diligence to make positive changes to the local and international communities. All the support it provided to United Way helped to utilize a nationwide network, passionate partners, as well as a strong public engagement capacity that aided in improving lives and mobilizing local communities. United Way aims at identifying and resolving local pressing issues. It does this by seeking partnerships with helpful government programs, schools, financial and business institutions, neighborhood associations, and faiths in the community.


Madison Street Capital Reputation


Madison Street Capital understands that every customer is special in their own way and needs attentive analysis and particular references. They established this fact through serving a wide range of clients from different industries. This organization was founded in 2005, and it’s a middle marketing investment banking firm that provides numerous financial services. Such include corporate advisory, valuation for financial reporting, business assessment, and monetary ideas for middle market companies. The firm offers clients the best mergers and acquisition, also known as M&A consultative services by gaining relevant information about the companies. This is important in creating an exact picture of the present and future status of the firm.


Picking the right corporate financial advisory services is normally a challenge for the majority of middle marketing entrepreneurs. This is because there are many middle marketing investing financial firms that make it overwhelming for them. Madison Street Capital provides an efficient solution for middle marketers seeking acquisitions and favorable lending, as well as building a sound exit strategy. This is because it has established itself as one of the leading monetary service providers for the middle markets. The monetary firm has offices in Africa, North America, and Asia; this has put it in the forefront as a leader in providing financial services.


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